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Painting has always been part of my life. 

It feels like it's always been with me.

Always, but not always like this

close to me like now. 

Now I feel that I cannot live without it.

Painting gives me respite and relief.

It allows me to release all the emotions I have inside. Each brushstroke is an emotion and each image is a combination

all of them.

o mnie 24.jpg




I am a graduate of several schools, including the arts one.

I took part in group exhibitions and had my own individual shows.

Currently, I live and create

in Paris.

The greatest value is my family and friends. I have a great need to share my work with others and thanks to this I can provide people with joy and respite through my paintings.

Mainly paints large pictures

on canvas with acrylic paints.

I also like to reach for paper

and paint a watercolor,

if  drawing. My last fascination is abstraction, although I am faithful to my beloved impressionism.


I invite you to my studio,

where I can create a painting especially for you. 

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